Whole House Water Filtration System in Davidson NC

At Charlotte Water Filtration, we understand the importance of clean water for you and your family. Having been operating in Davidson, North Carolina for several years, we are fully aware of the challenges associated with testing, filtering, and softening water in the area.  Our experience makes us the right team to contact when you need to improve the quality of your water.

Charlotte Water Filtration prides itself on maintaining high levels of professionalism and filtration expertise. Some of the services we offer to our clients in Davidson include water filtration, hard water softening, and water testing.

Whole House Water Filtration System Davidson NC | Drinking Water

As part of our filtration services, we offer drinking-water filtration for both homes and businesses. If you live in a neighborhood with hard water, don’t worry, we also set up whole home water filtration systems. These systems filter your water not only for drinking water but also for your entire home water supply.

In Davidson, NC, our water testing services are second to none. We take pride in our certified water tests to test your water for contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, mineral content, among others. Our experienced staff members conduct all water testing, examining water samples, and providing recommendations for potential solutions.

Another of our high-value services is water softening. We soften your water to prevent the build-up of scale, thus extending the lifespans of your appliances and pipes.

Call us today to have one of our experts check, repair, or improve your water system.

About Davidson, NC

Davidson is a small town in North Carolina, widely known as the home of Davidson College, a well-regarded liberal-arts institution. The college is an integral part of Davidson, as it opens its doors for locals and visitors alike to enjoy an array of student performances, theatrical plays, and sporting tournaments.

Despite its relatively small size, Davidson boasts well-maintained parks, including Fisher Farm Park, McEver Baseball Field, and Roosevelt Wilson Park, among others. Fisher Farm Park is one of Davidson’s top attractions. As a college town, Davidson also has an impressive security record, which makes it highly attractive both to residents and visitors.