Neutralizer Water Filtration Systems

A water neutralizer system's main function is to increase the pH of water. A neutralizer may raise the pH of your water to a more neutral level if it is excessively acidic.

What is the purpose of a water neutralizer?

An acid neutralizer tank, which enables calcium carbonates to dissolve in the water, may increase the pH of acidic water to a neutral range. With appropriate servicing, the corrosive impact of water on plumbing and fixtures is eliminated. Acidic water is defined as having a low pH value. Acidic water may corrode pipes and fixtures in your house, causing copper, iron, lead, and other minerals to seep out. Low-pH water has a sour flavor and often leaves blue-green stains on sinks and drains.

To treat acid water, either add an alkaline material to increase the pH or a protective chemical such as polyphosphate to keep the water from corroding pipes. Both kinds of pH water filtration systems are available from Charlotte Water Filtration, and our licensed water specialists will assist you in making the best decision for your house. While acidic water isn't usually considered harmful to drink, it is corrosive, which means it's far more likely to contain metals leached from the pipe and fixture walls. Ingesting too much copper, for example, may cause stomach discomfort and other gastrointestinal issues, as well as liver and kidney damage over time. If your home's water has low pH levels, you'll see blue or blue-green stains around your pipes and faucets, which are caused by dissolved copper being deposited; but, if you don't have copper pipes, you're unlikely to notice such staining. In any instance, a simple pH test should be performed to determine if you need a pH water filter.

Neutralizer Water Filtration Systems

What Does Neutralizer Filtration Remove?

An acid neutralizer system raises the pH of your main water supply using natural minerals. It will never damage your pipes or find its way into your cup this way. As polluted water flows through the water neutralizer, calcite (also known as calcium carbonate) and magnesium oxide work together to neutralize it. A good system will also have a method to maintain the mineral bed clean by controlling the backwash.

Although it isn't a "set it and forget it" method, you'll find that maintaining your acid neutralizer is easier and less costly than dealing with the consequences of water with low pH levels. Contact one of our experts once or twice a year (depending on your water consumption) to add additional minerals to your water tank. Alternatively, we may enroll you in a scheduled maintenance program so that you don't have to phone us—we'll contact you to arrange a convenient visit.

An acid neutralizer that is well-maintained:

  • Heavy metal pollution in your water is prevented or reduced.
  • Keeps pipes in excellent working order to avoid expensive repair or replacement costs.
  • Ensures that your drinking water is safe and healthy to drink.

Acid levels in your plumbing may quickly become a severe issue. Although high acid content water is generally safe to drink, it may cause corrosion in copper piping, which is resistant to most types of corrosion, as well as pinhole leaks. The acidity will also cause your fixtures to develop unsightly green and blue stains. A pH test may identify high amounts of acid in your water. You can ask your plumber to do this. If your water has ]low pH, it implies a high level of acidity. A whole-house acid neutralizer may be fitted to remedy this.

Water neutralizers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The calcite acid neutralizer tank is the most used in households. The water supply is injected with reactive magnesium oxide, which dissolves in the water and neutralizes the acid. Although this is a simple operation, the calcite in the tank must be changed regularly. The usage of a calcite acid neutralizer may increase your water's hardness (higher amounts of calcium and magnesium). Therefore, some homeowners may install a water softener to assist in balancing the water.

Advantages of Neutralizer Water Filtration Systems

Here are the benefits of using neutralizer water filtration:

  • It Can Help Treat Inflammatory Skin Problems: Acidic water has been shown to have antibacterial properties. It has been proven effective against Staphylococcus aureus, which may induce and aggravate atopic dermatitis symptoms. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that produces rashes that are red and itchy. While studies on the topical use of acidic water for atopic dermatitis are limited, it has decreased redness and itching skin. Bathing in acidic water was shown to be equally effective in reducing the severity of atopic dermatitis symptoms as a conventional therapy termed wet-wrap dressing in a trial of 18 women with chronic atopic dermatitis. Increases in pH have been shown to dehydrate and irritate the skin since the surface of your skin is somewhat acidic. According to research, several inflammatory skin disorders, such as eczema have also been linked to increased pH levels.
  • Can Help Keep Your Hair and Scalp's pH at a Healthy level: Acidic water is believed to offer advantages for hair health, including avoiding hair loss and eliminating dandruff, since your hair and scalp have higher acidic pH levels. The prevalence of Staphylococcus and Malassezia species on the scalp was strongly linked to dandruff in one research of 184 women. Because acidic water has been proven to have antibacterial properties, it may be useful in dandruff treatment. However, there is no evidence that it is effective.
  • Other Advantages: Some people suggest washing fruits and vegetables with acidic water because of its antibacterial properties. Acidic electrolyzed water is hydrochloric acid-based acidic water. Several studies have shown it safe and effective in reducing bacteria and other foodborne pathogens in fresh vegetables, although research is restricted. Other sources of acidic water, on the other hand, aren't known to be as safe or efficient for washing fruits and vegetables. It's also been claimed that acidic water is beneficial for plant development and protection against bugs and pests. According to one research, spraying tomato seeds with acidic electrolyzed water substantially decreased bacterial pathogens without impacting tomato seed development.

Disadvantages of Neutralizer Water Filtration

  • The most significant disadvantage of neutralizing water filters is that if calcium and magnesium are active in the filter, they may create or exacerbate water hardness. If hard water becomes a problem, a water softener should be used after the neutralizing filter. If salt is used to treat water hardness, it may be inappropriate for individuals who follow a low-sodium diet.
  • Because the water must pass through finely ground neutralizing material, neutralizing filters may cause water pressure loss in addition to water hardness.
  • Because neutralizing filters are usually placed after the pressure tank, neither the pressure tank nor the good pump is protected against corrosion. A liquid injection system (see below) may be preferable to a neutralizing filter if the flow rate is large since it is placed before the pressure tank and protects the tank and piping system from corrosion.
  • Acidic water typically includes significant levels of heavy metals, which is one of the major concerns.
  • Heavy metals are more likely to leak from the environment in solutions with lower pH values, according to research. Consequently, the solution — in this instance, water — has a greater heavy metal content.
  • Acidic water, in particular, may include significant levels of lead, arsenic, copper, nickel, cadmium, chromium, and zinc. This is worrisome since heavy metal poisoning and toxicity may occur as a result of exposure to heavy metals, with symptoms such as the following: constipation, nausea, and vomiting, chills and weakness accompany abdominal discomfort, & shortness of breath immune system suppression organ damage. Age, sex, individual sensitivity, and the route, dosage, and frequency of exposure all influence the severity of these adverse effects. Heavy metal exposure has been found to cause more severe adverse effects in children, including an increased risk of developmental delays, respiratory problems, behavioral disorders, some types of cancer, and heart disease.

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