Water Filtration Service

Water Filtration Service

We offer our clients a complete water filter service. We start by testing the quality of your water with certified lab tests, so that we know what treatment system will work best for your circumstances.

There are many types of water purification systems:

  • Water Softening is used to remove calcium, magnesium carbonates, and other metals. If you have a problem with hard water, this is an excellent solution.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is a process used to filter out solids that have been dissolved in the water. These can be organic or inorganic. This is an excellent solution if there is heavy metal in the water.
  • UV Disinfection Water Filtration uses UV light. This affects the molecular structure of pathogens, rendering them harmless.
  • Carbon Water Filtration is a popular system. The water passes through several different carbon filters. This filters out toxins and impurities.

We’ll assist you with narrowing down the best option for you.

If your existing system is not performing optimally, give us a call. We’ll track down the problem for you. If possible, we’ll repair it. It might just be something simple like changing up the filters.

If the system is too old to function correctly or if your system is not adequate for your needs, we’ll advise a suitable replacement system.

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Water Filtration Service

You decide what level of filtration is best for you. We offer:

  • Drinking Water Filtration: Perhaps you want to make sure that your drinking water is safe. If so, we can assist with a smaller system.
  • Commercial Water Filter: If you’re running a major commercial business, you need a solution that can handle more output. We’ll set you up with that.
  • Whole Home Water Filtration System: These systems are ideal for those in hard water areas. These filter not only the drinking water, but the entire supply to the home.
Charlotte Water FIltraion System
Charlotte Water Testing

Water Testing

We offer a complete water testing service. If you’d like to ensure that your water is up to standard, give us a call. We’ll test it thoroughly for:

  • Contaminants
  • Heavy metals
  • Mineral content
  • Bacteria
  • Other potential risk factors

If you’re not sure what your current water situation requires, call in the water experts.

Water Softening

Your water quality may be impure. Perhaps you have hard water. Hard water has a higher mineral content than most. The issue is that minerals can separate from the water.

This causes scale to build up in the pipes and appliances. This can shorten the lifespan of those appliances. Call us out, and we’ll see what we can do to soften the water.

Water Softening Service