Hindu Center of Charlotte

The Hindu Center of Charlotte is the premier place for obtaining information about the Hindu religion, as well as overall worship, in Charlotte.

Here are more interesting facts about the Hindu Center of Charlotte:

  • From the 1960s to the 1970s, Charlotte, North Carolina was a popular region for families with Indian origins to settle in.
  • By the early 1980s, there were over 300 families with Indian ancestral ties in Charlotte.
  • The Hindu Center was established in 1981 by a few Duke Power Co. engineers and members of the local community.
  • When construction was originally completed in 1982, the Hindu Center of Charlotte had 2.4-acres of land. Currently, it sits on 9.3-acres of land and plans on expanding.
  • Specific expansion plans are focused on the worship area. With the expansion plans, the gods will be moved from the back of the room to the center of the room. This move will enable members to stand in a circle around the gods instead of face them as if they’re in the audience.
  • There are two sections in the Hindu Center of Charlotte. The first is the worship section, and the second is a community center where members can attend or even host events.
  • The priest lives in the home right next to the Hindu Center.

Charlotte Water Filtration to the Hindu Center of Charlotte is a 14-min, 8.3-mile drive via US-74 E/E Independence Blvd.

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