Water Filtration Systems in Marvin, NC

Are you looking for an economical and environmental-friendly alternative to bottled water in Marvin, North Carolina? Are you tired of rinsing dishes to remove the scale left behind after washing? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Charlotte Water Filtration, we focus on providing water purification solutions that deliver the cleanest water possible in your home or business.

We’ve been in the filtration business for more than three decades, so we’re confident that we can fix any water issues in Marvin, North Carolina. Hard water is not only harmful to drink but also can be damaging to your appliances when it creates scale build-up.

We understand that your needs are unique when it comes to your water consumption and use. You might choose to filtrate your drinking water only, or you might opt for whole-home water filtration systems. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Water Filtration Systems in Marvin, NC | Water Testing

Some of the primary services we offer in Marvin are water testing, filtering, and softening. And we’ll start by testing your water for contaminants, including bacteria and heavy metals, as well as high mineral content.

Charlotte Water Filtration provides water-safety services for both homes and businesses. Whatever your needs, you can always rely on us to sort them out and deliver the perfect solution for your situation.

Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to send one of our experts to you to identify your water quality and associated risks. We take your health and safety seriously and are on a mission to improve the overall quality of water in Marvin, NC, one home or business at a time.

About Marvin, NC

In July 2017, Marvin registered a population of 6,746. The village occupies about 6.5 square miles and is easily accessible to employment centers in Ballantyne, Charlotte and South Park. Yahoo name Marvin the best town in North Carolina two times, mainly because of its strict zoning and housing standards.

Top-performing schools in town include Marvin Ridge High School, Weddington High School, and Cuthbertson High School. Marvin also boasts a 28-acre park, a barn shelter, and entertaining community events, including Movie Nights and its Annual Holiday Tree Lighting.

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