Water Filtration Systems Installation Matthews, NC

When you’re dealing with water-quality issues, it’s essential to consult the right professionals to help. After all, the best way to avoid health issues is to know what you’re ingesting. If you’ve been struggling with poor water quality or contamination in Mathews, North Carolina, don’t worry. Charlotte Water Filtration has you covered.

As one of Matthews’s most experienced water filtration companies, we take pride in satisfying your unique water needs. Whether it’s softening hard water or filtering your drinking water, we are here to help. We offer filtration services to both households and businesses in Mathews and surrounding areas. Our filtration services are diverse, so we can address whatever issues arise.

Water Filtration Systems Installation Matthews, NC

Some of our primary services are water testing, filtration, and hard-water softening. Charlotte Water Filtration can deliver the soft water you want for household use. Plus, you won’t have to put up with hard-water build-up on your dishes or bathtub when we install the right filtration system for you.

As part of its service package, Charlotte Water Filtration conducts extensive, certified water tests.  We identify the presence of contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, as well as high mineral content. We’re confident in our work, too, and we prove it by providing a 10-year 100% labor-and-parts warranty. We believe you deserve the peace of mind that quality customer service delivers.

If you need help setting up a water filtration system, or you want some advice, contact us today. Charlotte Water Filtration operates 24 hours a day, so we’re always on call when you need us.

About Matthews, NC

As of the 2010 Census, Matthews, NC registered a population of 27,198. Located on the southeastern side of Mecklenburg County, the town has a rich history. The Mathews Train Depot and Visitors Center, which houses intriguing and educational memorabilia and merchandise, is open all weekdays. The McDowell Arts Center is another point of interest in Mathews and sparks widespread tourist interest.

As a historically rich town, Mathews also has a public library, the Mathews Heritage Museum, and the Levin Senior Center.