Water Filtration Midland NC

At Charlotte Water Filtration, we take pride in delivering unrivaled filtration services to people of Midland, North Carolina, who want to improve their water quality. With risks of contamination changing with the seasons, it is essential to know what’s really in your water – and filter out any contaminants. We want you to have clean, soft water to support the health and safety of your family and employees.

Some of the primary purification systems we provide are water filtration, testing, softening, and system repairs. We help you improve the quality of your water by guiding you through the process of identifying a solution. We’ll start by assigning an expert to visit your home or business, test your water, and identify safety solutions relevant to your unique situation.

Water Filtration Midland NC | Water Testing

Testing your water is especially crucial if you are new to or moving to a different home in Midland. We test for several contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, mineral content, and others. After testing your water, we make recommendations about the best system to improve your water quality.

Charlotte Water Filtration is also here for you if your water system needs repair. We understand that managing water systems might be challenging, so we believe that professional maintenance calls for professional repair experts. That’s where we come in. Our staff members are well trained in servicing and making repairs that help you maximize your water safety.

Call Charlotte Water Filtration today to talk to our professionals and get your water tested. We operate 24 hours a day, so we’re on call whenever you need us.

About Midland NC

Located near Charlotte, Midland, North Carolina derives its name from its strategic location between Oakboro and Charlotte. Some of the main attractions in the town include the Sherman Branch Mountain Biking Park, Rob Wallace Park, Reece Gold Mine, and the Bost Grist Mill, among others.

Midland is also home to quality educational facilities, including Bethel and Fairview elementary schools. In 2017, Midland reported a population of 3,615 people and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers.