Residential Water Filtration Mint Hill, NC

At Charlotte Water Filtration, we care about the quality of the water you consumer and otherwise use in your home or business. One of our missions is to identify ways to improve the overall quality of water for residents of Mint Hill, North Carolina.

We understand that you have unique needs when it comes to water quality. With this in mind, we develop specialized systems so you can have the one that works best for your particular needs.

We assist with water softening, whereby we remove magnesium and calcium from your water, making it softer and more appropriate for home use. We also specialize in reverse osmosis, which is designed to filter out soluble substances. What’s more, our use of a permeable membrane on our filtration systems ensures that no organic material or heavy metals remain in the filtered water.

Residential Water Filtration Mint Hill, NC

Other water-improvement services we offer in Mint Hill NC include carbon filtration and UV disinfection. These processes help remove impurities from your water – and make it taste great, too!

Charlotte Water Filtration also provides water-testing services for Mint Hill residents and businesses. If you’re new to or moving to a new location in Mint Hill, give us a call, so you know what’s in your water. Our tests are certified to determine the presence of contaminants, including bacteria and heavy metals, as well as high mineral content.

At Charlotte Water Filtration, we focus on providing high-quality services at affordable prices. So, if you want to rid your dishes and bathtub of scale build-up from hard water or improve the quality of your drinking water, give us a call. One of our friendly staff members will help you schedule an appointment for a water-quality test to get you started.

About Mint Hill, NC

Mint Hill is in northwestern Union and Mecklenburg counties in North Carolina. Its population in 2010 was more than 23,300, so it’s not a tiny town. Mint Hill is a draw for several attractions, including NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the Reed Gold Mine.

Mint Hill has a rich historic culture and is home to Carowinds, one of North Carolina’s most popular entertainment hubs. Other historical attractions in the area include the Discovery Place, Carl McEwen Historic Village, and the North Carolina Korean War Memorial.

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