SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte

Located in the Concord Mills Mall, the SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte is a one-of-a-kind indoor aquarium. From getting up close to a variety of marine life to exploring the educational and activity opportunities, the SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte has something for everyone.

Here are more interesting facts about the SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte:

  • There are ten interaction zones at the SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte for guests to explore. These zones are; freshwater exhibit, harbor exhibit, interactive touchpool, shoaling exhibit, seahorse mangrove exhibit, stingray bay exhibit, shipwreck exhibit, tropical ocean exhibit, jellies exhibit, and coral reef exhibit.
  • Guests can also check out the Conservation Cove, which educates people about ocean conservation and how everyone can actively help protect the ocean and marine life.
  • The SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte offers a variety of activities, such as the Behind the Scenes tour and various talking and feeding shows.
  • The attraction is open year-round. For more information about specific hours of operation, check out the aquarium’s website or give them a call.
  • Although there are no cafés or restaurants, there are various dining options in and around the mall.
  • Admission varies upon age. It should be noted that children aged two and under are free. Additionally, discounts are available on the website if you book in advance.
  • The SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte recommends visitors spend anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half exploring the aquarium. Luckily, it offers same-day re-entry, so guests can return for a visit later throughout the day.

Charlotte Water Filtration to the SEA LIFE Centre Charlotte is a 21-min, 14.3-mile drive via I-85 N.

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