Things You Need To Know About Whole Home Water Filtration

water filltrationDon’t have whole home water filtration? Still in doubt of purchasing whole home water filtration? Not to worry, because Charlotte Water Filtration is here to provide you with the necessary information you need to know about whole home water filtration. We will be guiding you in the process of purchasing unto the installation of your whole home water filtration. But before that, you need to know its purpose, benefits, various filtration types, and other maintenance tips. Here at Charlotte Water Filtration, we make sure that you and your family live in the comfort of your home using access to clean and uncontaminated water. 

Purpose of Whole Home Water Filtration

Why should you get a whole home water filtration? Some homeowners say that there’s no need to purchase whole home water filtration since the tap water is already chemically treated. It’s good to consider that we do not know how well the water is treated or cured. Getting a system to treat and filter our water source is much better and secure since we have an assurance of its quality. Plus, your whole home water filtration will be installed in the house’s main water line to ensure that every water source will be filtered and cleaner throughout the whole house. In this modern time, we have to make sure that the quality of water that comes out on our faucets will not be only good for drinking. Still, the water we use for washing dishes, clothes, taking showers, and water plants will be as sanitized as our drinking water. 

Benefits of Whole Home Water Filtration

Before purchasing your own whole home water filtration system, the next thing you need to know is to learn its benefits and what it can do to your home.

Whole-home water filtration will ensure safety and purity in our water source. Having clean and uncontaminated water is an obvious reason why you should get a whole home water filtration. We have to make sure that all water sources throughout the house will be cleaner and safer, not just for drinking but also for showering and other chores that need water. Cleaner water means healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy lifestyle. 

The water quality in the whole home water filtration system is much more purified and soft than common water sources. The filtration system can soften the water by eradicating or filtering harmful contaminants that can change the water’s taste, texture, and odor. Plus, you will not anymore worry about that rusting taste in the water since the water is securely filtered in the initial line. Thus, the water that will come out in our faucets is filtered-purified.

It saves money. Whole-home water filtration has an initial or main water filtration system to filter water from the initial line. Therefore, you will not worry anymore about getting multiple filters and maintenance schedules for each single water source or spout throughout the house. With a system that can exhibit this system function, you can save a lot of money for repairs and maintenance. 

Types of Whole Home Water Filtration

Knowing its types should be your next move if you have decided to purchase your whole home water filtration. You have to know what type of whole home water filtration system will be appropriate to your living situation. 

Reverse Osmosis Filters

If you want your entire household to have access to purified water, then this can be a water filtration system for your home. Although it is not recommended for drinking, but for whole-home usage, these filters can be great.

Carbon Filters

 If you have an average size family and you’re looking for a practical whole home water filter, then this carbon water filter will be great for your home. This is a common water filter for most homes since it requires less maintenance, fewer expenses, and is eco-friendly. This water filter tends to remove sediments, chlorine, and other metal traces. 

Heavy-Duty Filters

This is a more advanced water filtration than reverse osmosis and carbon filters since it uses modern technology to filter out any harmful substances in the water source. With this, you can expect that it is much more expensive but has the highest guaranteed rate. 

Are you now ready to have your own whole home water filtration? If yes, then let us be your partner in every process of your water filtration stages. Charlotte Water Filtration can guarantee satisfaction and assurance as your local home water filtration company with thirty years of service. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and schedule your first appointment!