What Is The Best Water Purification System? Why?

Getting the best quality item, furniture, or property for your home is very important to avoid unwanted expenditures and fallouts. The same condition must be done for the water purification system as well. Having a safe, sufficient, and potable water supply should be considered by homeowners since water is one of the necessities of life. That is what Charlotte Water Filtration has been doing for more than years of service. That is what we will share with you for today’s blog. 

What Is The Best Water Purification System? 

Many famous and top-of-the-class water purification systems are available in the market. To assist you in choosing the best filtration system for your home, here are five top nominated water purification systems for today’s generation. 

Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

This water purification system is ideal for eliminating possible toxins in the water, such as fluoride, chromium, copper, salt, arsenic, nitrates, and many more. In addition, RO is considered high-quality water filtration since it can deeply remove unwanted contaminants and harmful bacteria from your faucets and drains. 

How does it work?

  • The filtration system pushes the present water into the system’s membrane by applying pressure. 
  • The contaminants are separated on one side of the filtration while the clean water is processed or flown into the other side of the system.
  • This system can eliminate water-soluble contaminants, even fluoride, and chromium. 
  • This RO water purification system can even eliminate the salt content if your home has a water softener. 

Activated Carbon 

This filtration system is best for removing contents of chlorine, magnesium, sediments, agricultural chemicals, and even organic substances. This is also considered one of the common water purification systems in most homes. Moreover, the system is designed to eradicate high levels of toxins in the water. 

How does Activated Carbon work?

  • We can compare the activated carbon purification system to an adsorption process. Unlike the absorption method, where one thing is being sucked up, the adsorption process in this system is done by creating a way for one material to stick up while the other content can pass through. 
  • The adsorption method starts with heating the high-carbon content organic substance and making it into a char. This char material serves as a magnet in removing the toxins in the water. 

Ultraviolet Filtration System (UV)

This water purification system is very much recommended for bacteria and virus removal. Ultraviolet filtration uses different frequencies of ultraviolet rays to clean the water content deeply. Hence, this water purification system is not just an effective solution for water filtration, but it is also environmentally friendly since you can use this wherever the sun shines through. 

How does Ultraviolet Filtration work?

  • The frequency of the UV rays kills the DNA of various microbial cells in the water, making it more sanitized and potable for drinking. 
  • UV filtration systems focus on eliminating viruses and bacteria in the water. So, make sure to combine this system with other filtration systems, which can help filter other contaminants such as chlorine, lead, copper, salt, and other chemicals. 

Ion Exchange Filtration System 

If your water purification system deals with hardened water content and radioactive material problems, this filtration system is the ideal option. 

How does this filtration system work?

  • As the name “Ion Exchange,” the system works on filtering various substances and elements by exchanging one ion particle for another. 
  • For instance, to avoid hardened water, the system will exchange magnesium ions for sodium ions since sodium keeps the water softer. This will prevent stains on your dishes and substance build-ups in your kitchen pipes. 
  • The system focuses more on filtering hardened substances and radioactive material. Therefore, you still need to operate this together with other filtration systems for purifying organic material and bacterial contents. 

Mechanical Filtration System

Compared to the previous water purification systems above, mechanical filtration works for waste materials and physical substances removal. 

How does this Mechanical Filtration system work?

  • The system filters unwanted particles and wastes material through a mechanical filter made up of nylon floss, synthetic pads, and foams. 
  • The filtration system keeps the clean water from flowing into the pipes while the waste material is stuck on the filters. 
  • For instance, in a fish tank, the mechanical filter will separate the leftover plants, foods, and waste materials but not those bacteria suitable for the fish. That is what mechanical filters do in a water purification system as well. To clean the water, filtering all physical particles and waste materials is carefully executed by the system.

How does water purification work?

We all know that water is considered the universal solvent. That only means it can easily dissolve multiple substances at the quickest time. This is evident when we are doing our laundry, and the detergent is quickly dissolved into the water. But, when it comes to the filtration system, the case is not the same. We must be cautious about where our water comes from before reaching our faucets. 

The sole purpose of a water purification system is to filter out harmful substances and unwanted materials from getting into your faucets. This helps us achieve a potable and safe-drinking water tank. In the content above, you can see how each filtration system work. To generalize and make things way more transparent, let us further understand how water purification work.

  • The water purification process can be done in two categorical ways; physical filtration and chemical filtration. 
  • Physical filtration uses filters in the water system to eliminate or separate unwanted contaminants, waste materials, and harmful substances in the water. This is often done by filtering large particles on a gauze-like membrane and separating it from the clean water. 
  • Chemical filtration is the filtration method using patented technology to remove impurities in the water content. 
  • There are numerous water purification and filtration system that can eliminate specific materials. The best thing you can do is to talk to an expert first to know what water purification system is needed for your home. 

Why Do You Need A Water Purification System?

There are lots of good things about having your water purification system. You may not realize it at the beginning, but the extra layer of protection and convenience it may provide is a big deal for your home’s future. To fully understand why a water purification system is necessary for your home, look at the following contents. 

  • Safety and Security – this is the main reason and essential factor to consider in having a water purification system. Think of the safety and security of those using the water. Having your water purification system will give you an extra layer of protection since it filters out harmful substances away from the clean water. This is very much recommended for those residents whose members have a sensitivity to water or those who often experience diarrhea. Getting potable and safe drinking water is vital in keeping life healthier and liveable. 
  • Removing or Eliminating Contaminants – Since the filtration system’s main job is to eliminate unwanted contaminants, it only shows how important it is for your home. You may realize it sooner, but there can be dangerous substances, poisonous toxins, and contaminants in the water that the naked eye cannot see. 
  • Improving the Taste, Texture, and Odor of the Water – contaminants, bacteria, and other chemicals cause the water to smell and taste bad. But, if you have a water purification system, rest assured that the water you drink is top quality and has been filtered out carefully. 

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to install your water purification system for your home? Call the experts at Charlotte Water Filtration! We have various water filtration services and packages matching your requirements and budget. So call us now, and let’s talk about how we can make your home a potable and safe-drinking facility.